Bodacious Magazine

Bodacious Magazine – it’s everything you ever wanted to know about the larger, curvier lifestyle, from the women who live it, to the guys that love it. It’s a high gloss adult print magazine for men and women. It's the first magazine of its kind depicting BBW (Big Beautiful Women), plus size women in a light so similar to the mainstream magazines that it would be hard to tell the difference, except for the fact that in our magazine we feature Full-Figured Women. It has a flavor and style never before met, or seen in the magazine market for publications featuring larger women. This magazine is published quarterly and is setting the standard in which other magazines of this “niche” will follow. Each issue is packed with thought-provoking articles, evocative fiction, straightforward editorials and up-scale erotic photography. Sprinkle in a sense of humor, a touch of madness and just a pinch of naughty is nice, and you’ll have one of the most talked about magazines in the mainstream market today.